Barbara Bry


Who’s the BOSS?

Barbara Bry ran for San Diego mayor in 2020 as the independent-minded Democrat against the Republican party-endorsed and Democratic Party endorsed candidates. Against all odds, she was able to prove the pundits wrong by winning 2nd place in a hard-fought race that guaranteed San Diego’s first Dem on Dem general election. All of this was done through a combination of defining the issues and a masterful digital campaign that replaced more traditional avenues of communication during the COVID pandemic.

Barbara is not a politician.

Barbara Bry is a successful high-tech entrepreneur, a nonprofit leader. She never expected to run for Mayor. But when she joined the City Council, she found a mess at City Hall. Now, she’s set out to fix it.

She is

The only candidate with the independence to clean up city hall and protect our neighborhoods.

Bryan Miller
President, Neptune Ops
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