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The Bay Area Council has been at the intersection of business and civic leadership, shaping the future of the Bay Area since 1945. Today, the council is focused on ensuring the Bay Area is the best place to live and work. The Bay Area Council welcomes business leaders committed to working with public and community leaders to keep the Bay Area the most innovative, globally competitive, inclusive, and sustainable region in the world.


Our creative approach to the campaign consisted of creating emotional illustrations that conveyed the impact the new taxes might incur during the pandemic. Our job involved not only creating the feel and look of the campaign but also crafting a direct message in two animated videos. These videos included voice talent, illustrations, animations, and creative direction.


The process began with a thorough creative direction session. We discussed the key messages, emotions, and overall tone that we wanted the animated illustrations for the Bay Area Council to convey. This involved aligning our visuals with the values and objectives of the Bay Area Council, ensuring a seamless integration with their brand identity.

Denise Vedder
Former Director of Public Affairs for the San Diego County Water Authority
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IVC Media has been able to take complex water policy issues and distill them into fun, educational, and effective animated videos.