California Consumer Privacy Act


Proposition 24 garnered the 6th most votes of any initiative in the state’s history. This could not have been achieved without the 9,384,125 California voters supporting the measure to strengthen consumer privacy rights. Through our innovative multimedia campaign, we harnessed the power of compelling videos, captivating illustrations, and cutting-edge digital design. By creating visually striking and informative content, we effectively educated voters about the significance of Proposition 24.

Our engaging videos provided clear explanations, while our illustrations visually represented the impact on consumer privacy. The seamless integration of these elements in our digital designs made the campaign accessible and relatable to a wide audience. This strategic approach not only informed but also inspired voters, leading to their overwhelming support for the proposition and making it one of the most successful initiatives in California’s history.

Bryan Miller
President, Neptune Ops
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I have partnered with IVC Media on dozens of projects over several years. No company surpasses them on providing the complete suite of media services needed to succeed in today’s environment.