The best Curated alcohol Collection

Meet Cork Stash, your new guide in the world of top-tier spirits. Born out of a passion for refined taste and exceptional craftsmanship, Cork Stash is more than just a brand - it's a curated experience. Dedicated to discovering and showcasing only the world's finest liquors, meticulously selected from the best distilleries globally.

Modern Luxury Meets Tradition

To communicate this unique vision we set out to design a harmonious fusion of timeless sophistication and modern minimalism. We envisioned a brand that would embody the rich heritage and expert craftsmanship behind each bottle, while also appealing to the contemporary tastes of discerning clientele. Infused with a deep respect for Japanese culture, Cork Stash incorporates elements of Wabi-Sabi aesthetics into its design, celebrating the beauty of imperfection, simplicity and the profound depth found in nature, thereby creating a harmonious blend of Eastern philosophical influences and Western luxury.

The Result?

The result is a captivating blend of classic and contemporary elements that capture the essence of the world's finest spirits, forging an instantly recognizable and enduring brand image.

Bryan Miller
President, Neptune Ops
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