Green Streets Clean Water

The Water Balance

The County of San Diego Green Streets Clean Water Program evaluated nearly 1,200 miles of roads in the unincorporated area, looking for opportunities to use green street retrofits to support clean water in local creeks, rivers, lakes, and ultimately the ocean

The Green Streets Clean Water Plan identified the highest priority multi-benefit locations for green streets across 24 community planning areas. Local community benefits that were considered include supporting aquifer recharge, improving pedestrian safety, and enhancing green spaces.

Character and Scenario Design

Character design is a kaleidoscope of imagination, with each line and color echoing tales of personality and narrative depth. Through the dance of pen or pixel, characters emerge as dynamic entities, their essence captured in every gesture and expression. As they transcend the page, characters become living embodiments of creativity, their stories woven into the fabric of vibrant imagery, where each design choice whispers secrets.

Denise Vedder
Former Director of Public Affairs for the San Diego County Water Authority
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