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Illustration Portfolio

Our Work

We produce exceptional, unique illustrations for each project as an all-around creative agency. We find the perfect style for each client and provide the ideal visual narrative that resonates with target consumers, making it memorable, attractive, and desirable.

In our creative process, we seek to generate different functional solutions to the same project that tell this narrative based on research and exploration of the needs of the project, thus providing a range of possible options that meet the objective of creating a unique style that ultimately impacts in the target consumer.

Concept Creation

Concept art is the bridge between imagination and visual reality and aids as a guide in aligning the vision of the project with the result. In IVC, we specialize in concept creation for video development and producing concept characters for different media, such as brand mascots, educational campaigns, packaging characters, etc. When creating a Concept character, we must convey its personality and backstory to determine its appearance and style, giving it the sense of being alive. The process of sketching and experimenting is essential in this craft to find the one that best matches the concept's requirements.

Ilustrated Icons

Illustrated icons are a great way to exemplify an idea and grab the attention of your target consumer. These require having a clear and easily recognizable silhouette to convey the message. It is also essential to consider the size and use of the icon to know the level of detail that the illustration should have.

Bryan Miller
President, Neptune Ops
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I have partnered with IVC Media on dozens of projects over several years. No company surpasses them on providing the complete suite of media services needed to succeed in today’s environment.