Kalya’s new Rosin Pen

Kalya Extracts is dedicated to crafting premium, exceptional-quality extracts that redefine the art of cannabis consumption. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and purity, Kalya Extracts harnesses nature's potent elements to create products that elevate experiences. From meticulously curated strains to cutting-edge extraction techniques, Kalya Extracts transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary, guiding users on a journey of exploration and empowerment.

We've brought the Kalya Ice Water Extracts' new vape pens to life with 3D videos that are truly cosmic. Imagine natural ingredients and vape pens gracefully suspended amidst space, merging nature with a touch of space-inspired flair. As your eyes feast on these visuals, ethereal space sounds serenade your senses. It's a fusion of nature and space, capturing Kalya's innovation and the universe's wonder.

The Creative Process

Our creative process harmonized innovative design, surreal aesthetics, and immersive audio to craft a mesmerizing 3D video. Seamlessly uniting Kalya Extracts' natural essence with cosmic allure, this experience transcends the ordinary, capturing the essence of their products in an extraordinary manner.

Bringing it to life

Our process took Kalya Extracts' brand essence and transformed it into a mesmerizing visual and auditory experience. By meticulously blending natural ingredients with surreal visuals and sounds, we brought the Kalya project to life in a way that not only captivated but also resonated deeply with the audience.

Patrick Kachi
CEO, Woodencork
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Great company! We asked IVC Media to take it to the next level and we didn’t even know there were levels up there.