No on A

NO on A

A Creative Vision for Tomorrow

Our dedication to this initiative shines through in the meticulously crafted illustrations, thoughtful designs, and engaging videos at the core of our campaign. With the generous support of the California Association of Realtors Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee and the Building Industry Association of San Diego County, we are shaping a future for San Diego that is well-planned, inclusive, sustainable, and vibrant.

Powerhouse Videos Defending No on A

The synergy between our design and illustration work has resulted in a phenomenal match, elevating the impact of the videos we've created for 'No on A: Planning Today for San Diego's Future.' Each element, from the intricately crafted illustrations to the thoughtful design choices, has seamlessly come together to tell a compelling story. The visuals not only capture the essence of our campaign but also evoke powerful emotions, making our message resonate deeply with the audience.

Too many loopholes

Measure A is the ONLY measure opposed by BOTH political parties along with a broad coalition of San Diegans who agree: Vote No on A because it's flawed and deceptive.

Dan Howle
Chairman, Independent Voter Project
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Without IVC Media’s strategy and execution, Proposition 14 would have never passed. And without IVC Media as our arms and legs for nearly everything we do, the Independent Voter Project would not have had a fraction of the reach, influence, and success for the last 10 years.