Celebrity Brand

Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett, the charismatic mixed martial artist known for his energetic presence and undeniable skills in the Octagon, set out on a mission to find the perfect agency to develop his cannabis brand and packaging.

Once the partnership was established, IVC diligently worked on encapsulating Paddy's vibrant personality and fighting spirit in their designs. When the final product was unveiled, Paddy was ecstatic, as the packaging perfectly represented his brand ethos and stood out in the ever-growing cannabis market.

Always a good time

Creating Paddy Pimblett's brand was an absolute blast! Infused with Paddy's vibrant energy, every design choice aligned with Paddy's charismatic spirit. The process was a whirlwind of ideas, colors, and designs, all coming together to capture the essence of his dynamic persona. From selecting the perfect color palette to crafting a logo that truly speaks to his brand, every step was an adventure in itself. Working on Paddy's branding was a joyous experience that perfectly mirrored the energy he brings to the Octagon.

The Result?

Packaging that Packs a Punch: Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett's Signature Look When it came to crafting the packaging for Paddy "Paddys Baddies" Pimblett's cannabis brand, we knew that every detail had to embody his vibrant personality and fierce fighting spirit. The result? A packaging design that's as bold as it is memorable, showcasing a striking combination of red, black, and golden elements.

Bryan Miller
President, Neptune Ops
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I have partnered with IVC Media on dozens of projects over several years. No company surpasses them on providing the complete suite of media services needed to succeed in today’s environment.