Yes On G

This campaign centered around two measures that would shape the future of San Diego’s Mission Valley, the Chargers former home. SoccerCity campaign, starter over a year earlier and had invested a substantial amount of resources into cultivating a positive brand image and fostering community relations. They harnessed the influence of prominent ambassadors, including US soccer legend Landon Donovan, to foster goodwill within the community. On the flip side was SDSU WEST. Our campaign backed San Diego State University’s Mission Valley plan, countering well-funded support for SoccerCity, including the Mayor.

Campaign Creative

Our branding of red and black was a tribute to SDSU, the venerable heart of San Diego’s education landscape. With its remarkable brand power and city-wide recognition, these colors symbolized our connection to the community. Our logo, designed, etched each letter with white overlays, effectively conveying our measure's core components: research, a stadium, a river park, and the visionary expansion of the university deep into the heart of San Diego. This design distilled our aspirations and aspirations into a visual testament, as bold as it was meaningful.

Content Creation

Early polling revealed that although the SDSU expansion enjoyed significant support from a substantial portion of the population, this alone wasn't sufficient to secure victory in the election. It became evident that we needed to sell a vision of the future. And what better approach to achieve this than by showcasing the kids, our kids! The bearers of tomorrow's dreams and aspirations – while seamlessly intertwining this narrative with the message of an untapped potential within the landlocked university grounds.

Dan Howle
Chairman, Independent Voter Project
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Without IVC Media’s strategy and execution, Proposition 14 would have never passed. And without IVC Media as our arms and legs for nearly everything we do, the Independent Voter Project would not have had a fraction of the reach, influence, and success for the last 10 years.