Stronger Together

The objective was to showcase the extensive efforts of the Water Authority in ensuring a consistent supply of safe and reliable water, regardless of challenging situations like droughts.

For this video, our client aimed to depict the challenges in maintaining a steady water supply, which directly contributes to the significant costs reflected in water bills. The video highlights the difficulties associated with achieving water consistency, thereby explaining the substantial costs incurred by consumers.


Our foremost objective was to shine a spotlight on the diligent endeavors undertaken by the Water Authority to ensure a secure and dependable water supply, even in the face of challenging circumstances like droughts. Their unwavering dedication to ensuring universal access to safe and reliable water stands as a testament to their commitment. To achieve this, we crafted branding elements that are effortlessly comprehensible for a broad spectrum of audiences, spanning from young children to adults. The conception of the animated video emerged from the creative prowess of our talented team. They aspired to craft an animated masterpiece that encapsulated their own designs and illustrations, resulting in a compelling visual narrative.

Assets & Characters

We whipped up a unique cast of characters from scratch. These characters, tailored specifically for the project, added a splash of originality and charm to the video. Just like assembling a puzzle, we carefully designed each character to fit snugly into the storyline. Their diverse personalities and appearances were crafted to resonate with everyone, whether they're kids or grown-ups. These custom characters weren't just ink and pixels; they were the heart and soul of our storytelling, bringing the narrative to life drop by drop.

Dan Howle
Chairman, Independent Voter Project
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Without IVC Media’s strategy and execution, Proposition 14 would have never passed. And without IVC Media as our arms and legs for nearly everything we do, the Independent Voter Project would not have had a fraction of the reach, influence, and success for the last 10 years.