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Think of us as an extension of your team.

At IVC, we specialize in helping corporate, non-profit, political and public affairs clients craft and deliver unique and effective multimedia communication campaigns. 

We conceptualize, craft, and deliver authentic, action-inducing messages and complete campaigns that leverage integrated, innovative, and effective media channels to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the most challenging public communication projects.

Our business model is built on selling experience and skill in one monthly fee rather than surprising our clients with billable hours and incidental costs. 

This approach allows you to know your budget, and incentivizes our team to maximize productivity. We've found this partnership model promotes cost-effective and comprehensive campaign strategies, a more personal approach, and a positive partnership between us and our clients.

Our Services

Public Affairs

We find, engage, and manage targeted communities.

Digital Media

We leverage the latest in technology and social media.


We develop, manage, and distribute informative content.

Latino Outreach

We don't just translate, We communicate.

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#makeSD THE PLACE to live, work, and play.

We worked together with JMI to build an online community around Ballpark Village

JMI Realty needed a platform to educate San Diegans about some of their upcoming developments.

The community is actively educated about their plans for a convention center ‘campus’, a sports stadium, and a brand new state-of-the-art mixed-use facility that will encompass three blocks of Downtown San Diego’s East Village neighborhood.

IVC created a custom brand, an informative website, online surveys, and social media channels that have become JMI’s most effective tool in educating and gathering feedback from the community.

Visit: BallPark Village

“It has been a pleasure working with IVC. Their service and personal attention to detail has been extraordinary.  I would highly recommend them to anyone and look forward to working with them on future projects.”
- Dee Lawrence, Executive Assistant at JMI Realty

Bringing fairer energy rates to all californians.

Sempra and IVC create the Fix My Energy Bill coalition

SDG&E, and a coalition of supporters, needed to change the dialogue around energy rate reform.

Faced with a well-funded opposition that benefits from an outdated tiered rate structure, IVC helped create an online outlet to educate and activate California voters.

IVC has executed multiple successful campaigns using the Fix My Energy Bill platform, from promoting a petition that helped get a major piece of legislation passed to generating tens of thousands of leads for voter education efforts.

Visit: Fix My Energy Bill

“The results from our work with IVC have been tremendous. I now understand that online technology and nonpartisan messaging can be extremely effective for public relations.”
- Mitch Mitchell, Government Affairs, SDG&E


Establishing a Platform for Community Engagement in Colorado

Community leaders from across Colorado wanted the communities’ input on how to address significant hurdles for a responsible state government.

At IVC, we help candidates and causes conceptualize, craft and deliver authentic, action-inducing messages and complete campaigns that maximize the reach and effectiveness of the most challenging public communication projects.

By integrating the feedback from online and offline outreach programs with formal qualitative and quantitative research, the Building a Better Colorado project is focused on finding consensus solutions that can be presented to Colorado voters on the 2016 ballot.

In less than four months, with a limited budget, IVC has engaged over 100,000 Coloradans online, have had over 2,000 likely Coloradans complete our online public policy surveys, and we have delivered over 3 million impressions from Better Colorado's media channels to likely Coloradan voters.

Visit: Building a Better Colorado  

"IVC has been an outstanding partner on the Building a Better Colorado team. Their ability to build a thriving online community and to blend a nuanced understanding of tricky policy challenges with world-class online voter communication skills has been a tremendous asset toward the project’s success.”
- Reeves Brown - Project Director, Building a Better Colorado

Independent Voter

Challenging the Institutions. From Every Direction.

We’ve Created a Demand for Nonpartisan Election Reform From the Ground Up

From website development, to accounting, to the management of a nationally recognized news outlet, IVC handles all the day-to-day operations for a host of nonpartisan organizations. 

IVN.us, for example, reaches 15 million people online per month, organically.

In the growing nonpartisan/independent world, IVC has established close relationships with various influential individuals and organizations at the state and national level. These relationships have helped IVC connect its clients with other partners and turned a California success story into a national strategy.

Visit: IVN.us
Visit: Independent Voter Project

"IVC has been an integral part of our team. As our arms and legs, they often run faster and reach farther than we even thought possible. They have cut out the need for excessive overhead by taking the place of an executive staff. This allows us to spend resources on voters, instead of ourselves.”
- Dan Howle, co-Chair of the Independent Voter Project

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Our Services

Public Affairs

We find, engage, and manage targeted communities.

Digital Media

We leverage the latest in technology and social media.


We develop, manage, and distribute informative content.

Latino Outreach

We don't just translate, We communicate.

Social media

We design social media accounts, create comprehensive strategy guides, and run effective online campaigns.

Online Advertising

Targeted messaging and monitored spending, we optimize online advertising on multiple outlets.

Content Management

We help clients craft and articulate effective messaging.

Back-end Development

From the ground up, we can build and modify innovative and sophisticated online web apps.


From mailers, to social media accounts, to magazine ads, we make you look good.


Commercials, tutorials, and promos will set your brand apart from the rest.

print collateral

Deliver high quality direct mail, brochures, handouts, and signage to your target audience.


IVC provides you with the added benefits of trained and certified NationBuilder Experts and Architects.


Understanding the Hispanic community means understanding the difference between simple language translation and the cultural translation of your message. At IVC, we have a team of content managers who are native Spanish speakers, which allows us to deliver your messages into Hispanic communities with same award-winning and creative techniques that we excel at in English.

Interested in partnering with ivc?

We look forward to building long-term partnerships with candidates, causes, and organizations of all political persuasions. Our messaging strategies are grounded in authenticity, and delivered through modern technology. Fill out the questionnaire to see if we’re a good fit.

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