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Welcome to IVC Media and Manolatos Public Affairs – where strategic vision and full-stack digital marketing meets innovative execution in the realm of public affairs. In today’s dynamic political and policy climates, storytelling and precise strategic communication are not just valuable; they are essential for success.

Whether you're navigating the complexities of land-use issues, engaging in public affairs campaigns, amplifying your brand with target audiences, or aiming to reshape public opinion, our teams can help you tell the right story, to the right people, at the right time.

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Expertise In

Our work, like the groundbreaking Level Up SD program executed on behalf of the San Diego Unified School District and the San Diego Foundation, showcases our ability to swiftly conceptualize, develop, and implement large-scale projects.

With less than two months to develop and launch a brand, digital portal, and strategic communications for San Diego's largest ever summer enrichment program, our team demonstrated unmatched proficiency and agility.

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Diverse Clientele,
Tailored Strategies

Our portfolio spans across various sectors – from education and real estate to high-stakes public affairs. Clients like the San Diego County Building Industry Association (BIA), Sempra, and Girl Scouts San Diego have diverse needs and audiences.

We pride ourselves on crafting bespoke strategies that resonate with each unique demographic, whether it's reaching millions of voters or influencing key decision-makers at city hall.

Precision in Planning
and Execution

Strategic communication is both an art and a science. Our comprehensive plans are not only custom-made to align with your goals but also are rooted in meticulous research and years of experience.

We don't just create strategies; we breathe life into them, ensuring adaptability and effectiveness throughout their execution.

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Networks That Deliver

In public affairs, connections are key. Our extensive network, built over years of engagement with leaders across various sectors, sets us apart.

From government officials to media experts, our relationships are leveraged to advance your objectives efficiently, often turning potential challenges into successful outcomes with just a phone call or meeting.

Our Philosophy

Public relations starts with personal relationships.

As co-hosts of “Dear San Diego,” Tony and Juan host our public affairs podcast with the same approach we take in all of our work.

By building relationships with some of San Diego’s most recognized leaders, we get to know what is important to the people you want to work with, not just what they do.

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elevating public affairs

At IVC Media and Manolatos Public Affairs, we don't just deliver services; we forge partnerships that drive change and achieve extraordinary results. Explore our site to learn more about our successful projects and how we can achieve your communications goals and elevate your public affairs objectives to new heights.

Level Up SD, a Summer of Learning & Joy with the San Diego Unified School District

In the summer of 2021, Tony Manolatos quarterbacked a team of consultants, including IVC Media’s Juan Hernandez and Anthony Astolfi, and staff from San Diego Unified and The San Diego Foundation to create and launch the digital portal for its COVID-era summer school programs, Level Up SD.

The program became the largest ever summer enrichment program for San Diego students – more than 30,000 students participated in #LevelUpSD.

Back then, students were just emerging from distance learning due to the pandemic. So that summer the students who enrolled in Level Up SD were treated to classroom instruction in the morning and enrichment programs (guitar lessons, surfing lessons, music, art, tech, etc.) in the afternoon. Morning coursework was led by San Diego Unified teachers, and the enrichment programs were led by dozens of local nonprofits organized by the San Diego Foundation.

Tony and team had less than two months to create the brand, an interactive and sophisticated website, and related materials, and introduce it all to tens of thousands of San Diego parents so they could register their students for this new and innovative summer school program. It all came together in record time, and Level Up SD quickly became a community asset.

Land-Use, Issues, and Public Affairs Campaigns

Land use and issues clients include HomeFed Corporation, Toll Brothers, BRIDGE Housing, MAAC, LEGOLAND California, Revitate, Integral Communities, Santee Firefighters Association, and the San Diego County Building Association (BIA).

Public Affairs clients have included Sempra, Girl Scouts San Diego, and the Port of San Diego.

The audiences differ for each client. The San Diego County BIA, for example, needed to reach millions of voters across San Diego County. In Santee, the voter pool to support a sales tax measure to pay for new fire stations, equipment and firefighters, was much smaller but just as important.

The Girl Scouts, the Port and Sempra did not reach out to voters nor did they need to. The Girl Scouts needed to reach their current members including parents, as well as potential members and their parents. The Port needed to reach decision makers leading top agencies throughout San Diego. Sempra needed to reach government staff, decision makers, and elected officials at San Diego City Hall.

Manolatos Public Affairs and IVC Media have led or been a part of numerous land-use, issues, and public affairs campaigns over the years.

In each case, our team worked with the client to understand their goals and develop effective strategies and proven tactics to achieve those goals.

We create winning formulas and implement those plans with precision and professionalism, all geared toward delivering the results our clients desire.

Our team recently created full-stack digital services as well as strategic communications for a non-profit, LISC San Diego, with a policy idea to create more affordable homes for San Diegans.

For this public affairs campaign, we developed a brand, landing page, animated video, and we are spearheading PR efforts, including coalition building, government relations, and media relations.

Strategic Planning

Tony and team have worked with leading organizations to draft and implement strategic communications plans. We have developed comprehensive plans and reports for the San Diego Unified School District, the Regional Task Force on Homelessness, the Building Industry Association of San Diego County, and others.

All of the plans we draft are tailored to meet our clients goals and objectives, and they’re rooted in years of experience and grounded in research with stakeholders. We also work with our clients to help implement those plans and update them throughout the year, responding to new opportunities and analyzing what’s working.

Our Network,
Your Results

In public affairs, who you know is just as important as what you know, so we take pride in the long and growing lists of contacts each of us carries around on our phones and laptops. Years ago, we would have called it our rolodex.

Between the principals at Manolatos Public Affairs and IVC Media, there are not many people in town we do not know, and if we don’t know them there is a good chance we know someone who does.

We have strong connections with business and labor leaders; nonprofit, community, and environmental leaders; government leaders and staff; elected officials on both sides of the political aisle; as well as news reporters, editors, and producers.

Tony Manolatos Public Affairs Picture

Our Public Affairs Podcast, With Personality

Dear San Diego is a public affairs podcast with personality hosted by Tony Manolatos and Juan Hernandez.

Dear San Diego gives newsmakers and others a platform to discuss the big issues of the day, but that’s just the beginning. Tony and Juan’s guests share what’s not in their bios, who they are away from work, secrets to success, and more.

Tony and Juan also discuss work, home, fatherhood, health and wellness, and youth sports – where the politics can be way more fierce than they are at city hall.

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