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Gold Pollie Award

Best Use of Facebook Advertising

Reed Award

Website Excellence: Public Affairs Statewide

Gold Pollie Award

Best Microsite

Reed Award

Best Fundraising Email for Presidential Campaign

Silver Pollie Award

Best Use of Social Media for a Ballot Initiative Campaign

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Chad Peace

Building Partnerships & Communities

Think of us as an extension of your team.

At IVC, we specialize in helping corporate, nonprofit, political and public affairs clients craft and deliver unique and effective multimedia communication campaigns. 

We conceptualize, craft, and deliver authentic, action-inducing messages and complete campaigns that leverage integrated, innovative, and effective media channels to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the most challenging public communication projects.

Our business model is built on selling experience and skill in one monthly fee rather than surprising our clients with billable hours and incidental costs. 

This approach allows you to know your budget, and incentivizes our team to maximize productivity. We've found this partnership model promotes cost-effective and comprehensive campaign strategies, a more personal approach, and a positive partnership between us and our clients.

Core Services

Public Affairs

We find, engage, and manage targeted communities.

Digital Media

We leverage the latest in technology and social media.


We develop, manage, and distribute informative content.

Latino Outreach

We don't just translate, We communicate.


CASE STUDY: MeasureS k&L

Changing Elections in San Diego, For Good

We put together the coalition, built the communications platform, and executed the media effort for this historical success.

Measures K&L were significant citywide election reform measures that few insiders thought could pass.

Measure K was drafted by IVC's team. We brought the diverse coalition together. And we were an integral part of nearly every aspect of the campaign, from crafting the messaging and producing videos in English and Spanish, to managing the campaign’s digital and earned media efforts.

By merging the voter file with social media micro-targeting tools, we were able to reach the right voters with the right messages. Both measures were passed by the voters with nearly 60% approval.

By the numbers:

300,000 targeted online voters
14.6 million targeted impressions
9 videos produced
840,000 video views online
46,000 video views in Spanish

Pollie Award

Best Use of Social Media for a Ballot Initiative Campaign

"Although I’ve utilized social media for several years in my campaigns, I’ve viewed it as supplementary to more traditional communications platforms like television and mail. That changed this election cycle, and IVC Media’s outstanding performance played a big part in my reassessment.  This group is really on the cutting edge of political campaigning and the best in class at what they do."
- Tom Shepard, veteran political consultant

CASE STUDY: Gary Johnson for President

Smashing Fundraising Records for a Third Party Candidate

In just a few short months, IVC Media built a fundraising platform and executed a digital strategy that raised more than $10 million from more than 200,000 individual online donors.

IVC Media developed a new NationBuilder website, built and managed a new store, executed innovative lead-generation strategies, drafted and delivered campaign emails, produced videos, and conducted a nationally-recognized $15for15 "money bomb" that helped Gary Johnson shatter third party fundraising records.

Unlike major party presidential campaigns, Gary Johnson started with a limited fundraising base, low name ID, and almost non-existent media attention. We helped the campaign build an email list, an engaged community, and an active base of small donors by understanding the audience and using our limited resources strategically. We are proud to be recognized by Facebook Business Success Stories for our effort.

By the numbers:

1.5 million new opt-in emails collected
$10+ million donations raised online
$1.5+ million in store sales
50+ million video views
4x return on every dollar invested online
39 states where Libertarians now have ballot access

Reed Award

Best Fundraising Email for Presidential

"When the Libertarian presidential nominee used Facebook’s political targeting tools to reach voters, not only did the Facebook campaign drive a double-digit lift in ad recall—it also generated 3.5X as many donations in just 3 months."
- Facebook for Business

Case Study: Question 5

Bringing Ranked Choice Voting to Maine

We Helped Bring More Voice, and More Choices, to Maine

We produced and distributed online videos and written content to persuadable Maine voters by understanding voter sentiments and leveraging new micro-targeting techniques.

Ads were delivered to voters in Maine with targeted messaging strategies for each demographic we needed to persuade the most.

To maximize the return on every dollar spent, the spending schedule was optimized for impact: (1) on early education, and (2) for voter turnout.

By the numbers:

targeted voters in Maine
5 million online impressions
650,000 video views
188,000 online engagements

"In the wild west of digital campaign offerings, you can trust the IVC team to know their stuff and deliver on their promises.  They are simply incredible."
- Cara McCormick, Treasurer, Committee for Ranked Choice Voting

CASE STUDY: Independent Voter

Challenging the Institutions. From Every Direction.

We’ve created a demand for nonpartisan election reform from the Ground Up

From website development, to accounting, to the management of a nationally recognized news outlet, IVC handles all the day-to-day operations for a host of nonpartisan organizations. 

IVN.us, for example, reaches 15 million people online per month, organically.

In the growing nonpartisan/independent world, IVC has established close relationships with various influential individuals and organizations at the state and national level. These relationships have helped IVC connect its clients with other partners and turned a California success story into a national strategy.

Visit: IVN.us
Visit: Independent Voter Project

Gold Pollie Award

Best Microsite

"IVC has been an integral part of our team. As our arms and legs, they often run faster and reach farther than we even thought possible. They have cut out the need for excessive overhead by taking the place of an executive staff. This allows us to spend resources on voters, instead of ourselves.”
- Dan Howle, co-Chair of the Independent Voter Project


What does it mean to be independent? It means we do not pick our clients. They are not assigned to us.  

The clients who choose us know who they are and what they believe in. They don't need us for that. We help them accurately convey their commitment, their values, and their priorities. 

We work tirelessly for independents, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens ... liberals, conservatives, and moderates ... because we believe passionately that representative democracy demands diversity and authenticity.

The competition of ideas is the engine of America.

For candidates and organizations who know where they stand, we create and deliver authentic, innovative, and effective communications for the most challenging public communication projects.

Above all it means a culture of integrity necessary to gain and keep the confidence of diverse clients with competing views.  

But, it also means no cookie cutter campaigns, no poll driven drivel, and no excuses.

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