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Our full-stack digital services

We conceptualize, craft, and deliver authentic, action-inducing messages and complete campaigns that leverage integrated, innovative, and effective media channels to maximize the reach and effectiveness of the most challenging public communication projects.

Campaign Strategy
video production
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web Design & Dev
ad placement
content creation
email marketing
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Unbeatable Data Prices

Low-Cost Voter Data

Because of our unique partnerships with industry-leading data vendors, we can pass our bulk-rate savings onto you with some of the lowest per-record voter data prices in the industry. Contact us for pricing details.

The IVC Suite

Over 10 years, we’ve developed a proprietary suite of digital platforms, data sets, and techniques that give you an immediate advantage over your competition.


Validate your advertising strategy

With IVC Lift, you don’t just hope your messaging works, you know it.

Initial benchmark polling
Continuous sentiment tracking
Real-time message testing
Measure results against control

Make data-driven decisions

With IVC Analyze, you’ll have real-time analysis with actionable insights.

Visualize cross-platform results
Compare marketing funnels
Maximize return on investment

Connect your constituency with decision-makers

With IVC Megaphone, supporters become your most powerful lobby.

One-click petitions
Email, social, and offline delivery
Simple phone patch-throughs
Seamlessly integrated with online forms

Reach the right people

With IVC Select, we find, match, and optimize your target audience.

Onboard existing data
Acquire commercial and voter data
Access IVC’s proprietary data sets
Leverage data points to find similar audiences
Ask us about our competitive data acquisition options

Know what’s really going on

With IVC Recon, we put eyes and ears into the digital field.

Tag social conversations
Identify online influencers
Gain insights on the competition
Coordinated community engagement

With IVC Media

Our process

We’ve helped power impactful and unexpected successes, winning awards at the local, state, and national levels.

Empowered by our unique toolset and experiences, we’ve developed a tried and true strategy for creating your success story.

Empowering diverse clients.

For candidates and organizations who know where they stand, we create and deliver authentic, innovative, and effective communications for the most challenging public communication projects.

No cookie cutter campaigns. No poll-driven drivel. No excuses.

Client Testimonials

"Although I’ve utilized social media for several years in my campaigns, I’ve viewed it as supplementary to more traditional communications platforms like television and mail. That changed this election cycle, and IVC Media’s outstanding performance played a big part in my reassessment.  This group is really on the cutting edge of political campaigning and the best in class at what they do."

- Tom Shepard, veteran political consultant

"In the wild west of digital campaign offerings, you can trust the IVC team to know their stuff and deliver on their promises. They are simply incredible."

- Cara McCormick, Treasurer, Committee for Ranked Choice Voting

"IVC has been an integral part of our team. As our arms and legs, they often run faster and reach farther than we even thought possible. They have cut out the need for excessive overhead by taking the place of an executive staff. This allows us to spend resources on voters, instead of ourselves.”

- Dan Howle, co-Chair of the Independent Voter Project

Our People

What does it mean to be independent? We work tirelessly for independents, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and Greens...liberals, conservatives, and moderates...because we believe passionately that representative democracy demands diversity and authenticity.

That diversity is reflected in our team, giving us an advantage over our competition and maintaining the culture necessary to gain and keep the confidence of diverse clients with competing views.

Chad Peace
Asesor Principal
Anthony Astolfi
Chief Executive Officer
Asesor Principal
Juan Hernandez
Vice President
Kendall Shain
Creative Director
Asesor Principal
Alex Gauthier
Director of Operations
Kaia Los Huertos
Community Manager
Sabrina Anderson
Project Manager
Stefani Mills
Creative Manager
Kayla Bass
Marketing Coordinator
Beth Reno
Victoria Barba
Outreach Coordinator
Luis Murgia
Project Manager
Sam Johnson
Digital Specialist
Tamara Benrey
Project Coordinator
Javier Inzunza
Director Ejecutivo
Jose Lopez
Director Creativo
Daniel Morales
Animador Senior
Daniel Castañeda
Animador Senior
Emanuel Macias
Ilustrador Senior
Eduardo Leyva
Jean de Castro

San Diego Location

Our business model is built on selling experience and skill in one monthly fee rather than surprising our clients with billable hours and incidental costs. We've found this partnership model promotes cost-effective and comprehensive campaign strategies, a more personal approach, and a positive partnership between us and our clients.

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